My Happy Baby

Thanks to Zoe, one of my mommy co-workers, for giving me this book by Dr. Karp, “Happiest Baby on the Block.”

Its premise is quite simple – your baby isn’t ready for the world when he is born, so he should be transitioned very gently by recreating the environment he was used to now that he is outside the womb.

Therefore, the 5S’s: swaddling, side-position, swinging, shushing, sucking – in that order. It explains the reasons why these seemingly random things work to turn on baby’s “calming reflex.”

I was excited to read it from cover to cover, especially when I saw the DVD in both newborn baby care and prepared childbirth classes. It’s amazing how my baby reacted to the loud shushing direct to his ear, knowing how incredibly annoying we as adults find it to be – but it does work. I swear by it.

I highly recommend this to all new parents to help you keep yourselves from pulling your hair out when baby just won’t quiet down. Learning these techniques didn’t just calm our baby – it calmed us, too.

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