I am hardly one to toot my own horn. But after being a mother for even just a short while, I could say I should.

I've been a stay-at-home mom since my first was born, 2 years and 9 months ago. Over that period, I've realized I am not SAHM material, and I personally believe that for this particular mom, being a working mom would have been much easier, having a break from childcare while at work, where I could eat my meals while they're hot and go to the bathroom unhurriedly. But that's a whole other story.


So I've learned to keep my mind sane by getting myself occupied with other non-motherhood related things. I volunteered for Taproot Foundation, an organization that provides teams of professionals to provide their skills to a non-profit organization's project pro-bono. TOOT!

I've also stayed a freelance copywriter while running two small businesses. Neither of them is earning yet, but I should say that wearing those many hats while raising a kid and running a household is something I should be proud of. I've always known I was a multi-tasker, but now I can say I'm a master at it. TOOT!


My body has created two beautiful human beings, carrying them to term and fighting with all my might to push them out into the world. Both labors were quick but painful, and both pushing sessions lasted less than 15 minutes. My stitches, wounds and stretch marks will be a reminder that my body will never be the same after two kids, but these are a tribute to how strong my little body can actually be. TOOT!

My body has also allowed us to save over $1000 a year from formula, because I nursed my first boy till he was 2, and am now nursing my second one exclusively. I have absolutely nothing against formula feeding and will formula-feed my newest baby when I need to, but knowing that my body is able to nourish my kids is something I should also be proud of. TOOT!


Lastly, after spending our first Christmas with our 3-week-old in the hospital for RSV, I personally am a little amazed at how much I can handle running with only 8 hours of sleep – for the week. Despite the anxiety I had from having our tiny baby in the hospital while keeping up with the needs of the rest of my family, all with no rest, I give myself props for not falling apart.

Of course, this is not possible without the help of my ever-supportive and loving husband, as well as my mom who luckily, was with around for the first few days. They have kept me going, keeping my faith strong and knowing all will be ok.

Still, I've seen how much I can emotionally take. I know this may seem trivial to all the other mothers who are in their own battles much worse than I was in, but having a kid in the hospital will always be an emotionally challenging experience for me. And I've been there twice, with my first born spending his first birthday at the hospital, and our very recent Christmas experience. And I'm still sane and standing. TOOT!


I wish I could put "being a mother" in my resume. Until I became one, I didn't realize how much work it is to be one.

So to all mothers out there, whatever your situation, let's give ourselves more than a little pat on the back. We know now that being a mom is a thankless job, so let's thank ourselves more often. We deserve more than we give ourselves credit for.

Here's to tooting our own horn. TOOT TOOT!

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