Taking Care of Me - Epilogue

I have a #10! Get a nice haircut.

A simple trim can do wonders to give you a new look, and you don't need to go rushing to get the usual new-mom haircut (that short cut that I can't describe, but I'm sure you're familiar with).

Being a busy mom myself, I now do understand why most moms wear that hairstyle: because we hardly have any time to style our hair everyday, and not fixing it is the easiest way to wear it.

However, there are now so many new cuts that are just as stylish as high-maintenance do's. Ask your hair dresser for a low-maintenance, wash-and-wear look and you'll be surprised at how many options you have to make you look like one hot momma.

As for me, I'm never getting the new-mom haircut. Not that I have anything against it - I just know it scores 0 points in flattering my look. I still need to find that perfect low-maintenance style for me, though. Hopefully I find it pretty soon.

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