Sharing My Milky Blessing

*This is one of those entries that have been sitting in draft mode until today.

Even before I became pregnant, I always knew I wanted to nurse. I had a milking mom who was endowed with a lot of milk that she donated some to hospitals for babies whose moms couldn’t produce enough. My sister-in-law nursed my godson exclusively, too. These stories inspired me to do everything I can to produce milk for my baby.

I was glad when my mature milk started to come, right on the 4th day mark, which was what I read on the books. Since then, I’ve been blessed to be able to nourish my baby with my milk exclusively. I tried to build my supply to produce more than enough, pumping once or twice a day for a few months to build my freezer stash.

I didn’t realize that we’ll have no need for this stash until recently, when I saw a lot of milk bags from 4 months ago still there. I never had to leave my baby for long periods, so we didn’t find a need to use frozen milk. Besides, he didn’t take to the bottle very well.

I was afraid all the milk was going to be put to waste. I felt horrible thinking we’ll have to throw them all away, so I decided to wait exactly 6 months from the date on the label before I start to panic. I’m glad I did, because I found a very good use for all of them 20+ bags.

There is this adopted 2-month-old baby girl whose little tummy can’t tolerate formula, and I’m meeting her tomorrow. Her mom and I found each other in one of the mommy networks I belong to. The baby has been living on donated breast milk from other nursing moms, and according to her mom, this timing was perfect -- she was just about to run out of breast milk, and then I came along.

Tomorrow, I’m donating my milk, what they call “liquid gold” that I have been blessed with. Yes, I’m sharing my blessings.

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