Signing Time

*Another old entry that sat in draft mode for over a month.

Since my baby was 6 months old, we’ve been teaching him baby sign language. It’s not exactly a special set of signs, just some words from the American Sign Language (ASL) that we use in our routine such as milk, eat, food, water, cracker, shoes, and a lot of other words that will be helpful for our baby to communicate with us.

We bought Baby Signing Time volumes 1 and 2 and he watches them after lunch every single day that we’re home. It’s been part of his routine since then. We love how its cute animation and adorable babies signing with Rachel, the teacher, make him really pay attention (and how it allows me to eat my lunch while he’s watching signing time!).

He hasn’t started signing back to us, but a few weeks after we’ve used it as we talk to him, he’s been responding to some of them already. When I sign milk and he DOES want milk, he flaps his arms up and down and gets so excited – so I offer milk and he is content.

We are so excited for the day he makes his first sign – I read that most babies start signing at around 9-12 months. That’s a few weeks away!

If you’re interested in learning more about baby sign language, here’s a couple links I found that has other words not in both volumes of Baby Signing Time DVD.


Happy Signing!


rzfdtwr said...

Batch, this is weird, but I AM interested in signing. Can you lend me your DVDs when you're not using them anymore? Unless someone has beat me to them.

meL said...

I still have the DVDs here with me but they do go around our neighborhood. I'll e-mail you when I can send them to you na.

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