The Ultimate Optimist

Hubby and I went to a class today for parents of baptism candidates at our church. I enjoyed it because we were able to reflect on what we wish for our kids. But what struck me most was something our facilitator said – that he wished our kids will be positive thinkers.

Optimists are very resilient, always seeing the bright side in any situation. They never give up and always hold out hope that they will get through anything. And they learn to be happy.

I remember being that way. Someone even went as far as saying I was her “ray of sunshine.” I do wonder what happened to that ray sometimes… guess a heavy cloud came over it and just stayed there.

I still think that optimist is still somewhere in me, and I do believe she will come out of her worries stronger than ever. Well, just by saying that makes me an optimist again already, doesn’t it. Then that’s one positive thought I’d like to keep.

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