I Love You, Nap

This morning has been extra difficult. Baby needed to be held often, and the older one was a tad more clingy, too. Two noses had to be wiped periodically, nails had to be clipped, diapers changed continuously.

Then baby fell asleep, his first nap of the day, and I tried to go upstairs to the room to put him down. But, lo and behold, big brother blocked the stairs and tried to push me down – he didn’t want me to bring baby upstairs. I convinced him to come up with me and the little one, but he decided he didn’t want to be quiet, waking up the baby as soon as I put him down.

That made me snap at him, making him cry, waking baby more. So much for nap time.
Thankfully, baby finally napped longer an hour after that, allowing me to go to the bathroom and prepare our lunch. After a quick meal, baby woke up. Soon after, it was big brother’s time to nap, so we all headed upstairs till he went down.

The little guy kept playing downstairs for a bit, then it was also time for his nap.

And then there was peace.

I decided not to do any chores or clean up – I just wanted some rest. It felt like I’ve spread myself too thinly today, because they both needed me so much at the same time.

In a few minutes, one (or two) of them will be waking up, and chaos will begin again. The kitchen is a mess, there’s laundry that needs to be done, and I haven’t even thought of what we’ll have for dinner.

But that’s ok. I’m still enjoying this quiet time.

I get to recharge a little, watching TV while eating a banana pancake with nutella, and writing on this blog. This should be enough to get me through a few more hours until yoga tonight, when hubby will be watching them both.

Yay for naps!

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