Not Again

I just gave Liam his first dose of Bendaryl while we were having lunch. I didn't give him anything new - he had rice cereal mixed with formula while seated in his high chair. Then all of a sudden, red rashes start showing up around his mouth. It then started to spread around his chin and his cheeks. That warranted a call from the doctor we just saw for his 6-month checkup a few minutes ago.
Doc said to give him 1.5mL of Benadryl, and that did the trick. The rashes disappeared within 15 minutes. Now the problem is, we had no idea what could've caused it. It could've been something on or around his high chair, maybe a dab of sauce from my dinner last night - Kare-kare, a dish loaded with peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER, which is the worst allergen for his 3-year-old brother.
Soon, we'll need a blood allergy panel done with this baby, too, just like we did with big brother. He'll need to be pricked and prodded again so we can identify his allergies. 
I'm really sorry I didn't clean his high chair thoroughly last night. But I'm more sorry that we're going through this again. We were hoping to have a pass at allergies with this second baby, but looks like we got no such luck. 

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